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2021.06.10 留学生向け情報

【外国人留学生の皆さまへ】外国人留学生 日本で就職 Webセミナー [International Students Job hunting in Japan Seminar]



【対象者 Target】


・日本語が話せる方 ※日本語能力試験N2程度

【日 付】7/8(木)





運営:Man to Man Animo株式会社 岐阜県岐阜市金町6-21 岐阜ステーションビル 7F

TEL 058-215-5511(担当:梅村・近藤)

主催/岐阜県商工労働部 産業人材課 外国人雇用対策係


Seminars to help you work in Japan
This seminar is for international students who are interested in working in Japan.We are looking forward to seeing you!


・All international students enrolled in universities, graduate schools, junior colleges, colleges of technology , Japanese language education institutions, etc.

・Speaks Japanese ※Japanese Language Proficiency T est N2



Contents: How to proceed with job hunting in Japan, Useful information for both those who are starting to look for jobs as well as those who are already looking for a job! Please come and join us!

Venue: Web seminar (Zoom)

※Registration will be closed as soon as the number of applicants reaches capacity.


Operation: Man to Man Animo Co., Ltd. 6-21 Koganemachi, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture Gifu Station Building 7F

TEL 058-215-5511(Responsible: Umemura / Kondo)

Organizer: Industry Human Resources Division, Department of Commerce, Labor and Industry, Gifu Prefectural Government